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Piano Life Saver has been designed to be installed on all piano types and sizes. The discreet placement of the Piano Life Saver system ensures your piano maintains its beauty and maintains its pitch. 

Click through the photos below to see the Piano Life Saver installed on a Vertical and Grand piano. 

Upright Piano

Grand Piano

We offer a variety of systems based on your piano and environment.

A registered piano technician can help determine which system is the best choice for you and ensure the system is properly installed. 

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Piano Life Saver 


Whether you have an upright or grand piano, live in the dry heat of Arizona or the balmy coast of Florida, there are benefits to installing a Piano Life Saver in your piano:


Prolongs the life of your piano


Extends the longevity of tunings


Helps resale value 


Energy Efficient


Completely Silent


Virtually invisible, no impact on the aesthetic of your piano

While most of our products are installed in homes, there are other venues that also benefit from a Piano Life Saver:


Houses of Worship


Music Conservatories, Universities and Schools


Performance Halls, Music Studios, and Cultural Institutions


Community Facilities with a Piano

Teacher and Student

Competitor Comparison

While there is no direct competitor for the Piano Life Saver, there are other solutions to achieve more balanced humidity for your piano and your home. Piano Life Saver is the only solution that creates a microenvironment tailored to your piano’s needs.

Whole House Air Conditioner

Most forms of air conditioning are designed to maintain a desirable temperature but do not regulate humidity.

Whole House Humidifier

As with the whole house A/C, the whole house humidifier is designed to keep humans comfortable, and its performance is regulated by temperature controls. Once the desired temperature is reached, it turns off, regardless of house humidity levels.

Portable Room Humidifier and Dehumidifiers

These units require significantly more upkeep than a Piano Life Saver, and are not as consistent.

The Piano Life Saver is the superior humidity control solution for pianos as it was designed specifically to mitigate humidity fluctuations – maintaining proper pitch, protecting your piano from premature damage, and ultimately resulting in a piano that is resoundingly satisfying to play and listen to.