Piano Technicians Recommend the System

Larry Crabb

As a piano restorer, I have seen the damaging effects of humidity extremes on hundreds of pianos in the past 46 years. The System not only protects against costly repairs to most wooden parts, metal parts, felt and glue joints, it also stabilizes the pitch and improves the touch and tone noticeably.
Larry Crabb
RPT Registered Piano Technician and Piano Restorer
Installed more than 1400 Piano Life Saver Systems since 1973

Marc Valdeyron

In Montpellier, South of France, we live between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains of the Massif Central. Sometimes, during the same day, damp winds (blowing from the sea to the Mountains) alternate with dry winds (blowing from the mountains to the sea). These unstable winds change the piano tuning and regulating, and they cause damages to pinblocks and soundboards. In many cases, the Dampp-Chaser System is the best solution - if not the only one - to prevent climatic effects on wood structure of the piano.
Marc Valdeyron
Piano e Forte
Montpellier, France

Bob Russell

Piano Life Saver Systems dramatically improve the performance of pianos. I have installed hundreds of systems, and my belief in the product grows with every installation.
Bob Russell,RPT
Registered Piano Technician, Third Generation

Bruce Genck

As a professional piano technician for nearly 30 years, I've seen the damage and instability humidity fluctuations can cause. That's why I highly recommend the Piano Life Saver System to all my clients. The benefits of this product will pay for itself several times over! It's a great product, and a must for all pianos.
Bruce Genck
Professional Piano Technician
Minneapolis, MN

Peter Fuhrer

In environments where humidity is problematic for pianos (too high or too low), the Piano Life Saver System protects the piano from damage related to humidity and, therefore, significantly preserves the piano's value.
Peter Fuhrer
Pianos-Service P. Fuhrer S.A.
Geneva, Switzerland

Ori Bukai

It is critical that piano owners realize the role that stable humidity plays in the piano's well-being and in the preservation of its investment value. Part of a good maintenance plan includes the installation of the Piano Life Saver System.
Ori Bukai

Piano Technician, Restorer and Retailer
Allegro Pianos, Stamford, CT

Wally Meissner

In my work, it's extremely important that I feel good about what I do - it's a matter of ethics. When I install a Piano Life Saver System, I feel good about what I do for the piano and the piano owner.
Wally Meissner, RPT
Registered Piano Technician
Installed over 1200 Piano Life Saver Systems since 1974

Matt Grossman

Every new and rebuilt piano that leaves my shop is fitted with a Piano Life Saver System. The System is the best insurance for the piano's long life and ideal tone.
Matt Grossman
RPT Vintage Piano Works
Louisville, Kentucky

For over a decade, I cared for the pianos at a Los Angeles-area college. Twenty of their fifty pianos were in one big room. Invariably, we would find them all 15 cents sharp in the summer (when RH was as high as 70%) and 15 cents flat in the winter (when RH was as low as 20%). Major tuning hassles, needless to say. I campaigned for years to install humidity control systems in at least the 20 pianos in the practice room. I finally got the green light and installed them in all the pianos.

The seasonal pitch swings were immediately reduced from 15 cents sharp (in the summer) and 15 cents flat (in the winter) to 3 cents sharp & 3 cents flat. . . . Then, a year later someone accidentally unplugged one of the units. THAT piano was 15 cents sharp while all 19 other pianos were only 3 cents sharp. A pretty convincing demonstration of the system's efficacy!
Jim Wilson, RPT
Piano Technician
Sherman Oaks, CA 

Andre Oorebeek

Every valued piano should be protected by the Piano Life Saver System.
André Oorebeek
Piano Technician and Concert Tuner
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Arlan Harris

Arlan Harris Video Feature      Arlan shares his experiences with the Piano Life Saver system.

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Leading Schools of Piano Technology Recommend the System 

North Bennet Street School

Boston, Massachusetts

North Bennet Street School

The Piano Technology Department at NBSS has long been an avid supporter of humidity control for pianos. In our opinion, Dampp Chaser offers the best way to shield pianos from the consequences of temperature and humidity fluctuation. The Piano Life Saver System provides the most practical, cost effective means available for protecting a sizeable investment. Hands-on system installation and maintenance continues to be an important part of our curriculum every year.

Randy Potter School of Piano Technology


Randy Potter

Since launching our piano technology school in 1986, I have taught thousands of students in over 70 countries about the Piano Life Saver System's benefits. Following is one of many anecdotes I share about the System's proven effectiveness.
Often, my tuning students call me to say they've finally found a piano, (usually an old upright) to practice on but the tuning pins are extremely loose - so loose that many of the pins are slipping and the piano won't hold a tuning. I point out that the cost of taking this piano to the dump, and then getting another one, far exceeds the cost of installing a Piano Life Saver. OK they say. Then, a month or so later they call and tell me that they installed the System, and the pins have tightened up and they are now practicing tuning. . . and sometimes the piano is so improved, they decide to keep it.
I have installed over 500 systems in my clients pianos, and recommend them for both new and older pianos. I always install complete systems with the Smart Bracket.

-- Randy Potter, RPT

University Of Western Ontario Piano Technology Program

The University of Western Ontario in London, Canada experiences extreme swings of temperature and humidity due to it’s location in the Great Lakes region. Dampp-Chaser has made a great contribution to the stability of our instruments. Thirty Dampp-Chaser humidity control systems were installed in piano faculty members' studios this past season and it is remarkable how much more stable the pianos have become. Thank you Dampp-Chaser!  The Piano Technology Program at The University of Western Ontario welcomes Dampp-Chaser to the University to give comprehensive classes on how the humidity control systems work and the prescribed method of installation.