Leading Recording Studios Recommend the System

It is very important, in a recording studio, to provide a piano that musicians feel at-home with. Since the Piano Life Saver was installed in our grand piano, the pitch remains stable, the sound stays wonderful, and the keyboard is consistently responsive to the musician's touch.
Paul Pouwer
Power Sound Studio
Amsterdam, Holland                                                                                  

I would like to share a personal experience with the Piano Life Saver system and a Yamaha C5 (6'6") that I tune and play regularly at a local recording studio. The studio is a state of the art facility with all the latest equipment as well as some hard to find vintage items as well. The climate control system that is installed in the building is capable of handling temperature as well as humidity levels for each individual room. Even with the sophisticated climate control system in the studio, the pianos intonation would fluctuate greatly depending on the season and even some times the day of the week. Additionally the tuning would become unstable in some areas of the piano and not in others. This was most notable in the area from C5-G6 which is an important speaking range of the piano. After the installation of a complete Piano Life Saver system all of these quirky intonation fluctuations have disappeared. The studio and all the musicians including myself are very happy with the piano's tuning stability and it has also made my job as a tuner more enjoyable and predictable each time I am there. I attribute this completely to the installation of the Dampp-Chaser system and would recommend it for any piano.
Shane Owenby
Pianist & Piano Technician
Weaverville, NC

Recall Studio is a residential recording studio situated near the Cevennes in the south of France.
At Recall Studio, lots of famous pianists come to record their albums. The studio, environment, and technical team are very well-liked by the artists generally and particularly by Jazz pianists who come from all around the world to work in this dream place.
In this country, during some seasons, the weather, temperature, and humidity can change really fast. Consequently, we decided to install the Piano Life Saver System by Dampp-Chaser on our Steinway & Sons model D Grand Piano and this system has brought a general stability to the instrument, both in tuning and in playing.
Furthermore, the Dampp-Chaser will contribute to preserving the condition of the instrument in the future.

Philippe Gaillot
Recall Studio, Pompignan (30) France