the Grand Piano Humidity Control System

The Piano Life Saver System is completely silent and installed on the underside of your piano. 

Grand Piano Installation

Humidistat: This is the brain of the System. It senses whether the micro-climate within your piano is optimal and automatically switches the System to function as a Dehumidifier or Humidifier to protect your piano from damage caused by changes in humidity.

Dehumidifier:  When the Humidistat senses the humidity level is too high, the Dehumidifier carries away moisture on warm air currents until the Humidistat senses that the humidity level is appropriate.  

Humidifier:  When the humidity is too low, the Humidifier adds moisture to the air inside the piano until the Humidistat senses that the RH level is high enough.  

3-Light Panel: The panel features a green light marked POWER to indicate the System has electrical power. A sensor in the humidifier causes the yellow light marked WATER to blink when the Humidifier needs water. The red light marked PADS will blink when the pads are no longer wicking water, indicating they should be replaced.

Watering Tube:  When the yellow light blinks, the watering tube permits you to easily add water to the System.  

Next Step: Locate a Qualified Installer.