Money saving benefits

Church Piano Technicians Tell How!

“As the Minister of Music, I need our piano to be stable and predictable for music productions.”

To accommodate a church’s varied usage time, heating and cooling follows an extremely irregular pattern, producing radical fluctuations in the humidity. The result is costly damage to the church’s pianos and continuous tuning.

A piano is a major investment for a church. A critical component in the care and maintenance of  church pianos is to having a Piano Life Saver System installed inside the piano(s) to automatically control the humidity. By providing a consistent humidity level within the piano, the piano will stay on pitch between regular tunings.  Pitch is especially important in the church environment, because the piano is very often played together with other instruments.  In addition, our piano humidifier-dehumidifier will prevent expensive damage to wood, keys, strings, and the soundboard. Read what church piano technicians say about the Piano Life Saver System.

Customer Lists

The Piano Life Saver System has been installed in thousands of churches, synagogues, temples, and other religious institutions throughout the world.  The following list includes Piano Life Saver System installations made in the U.S. and Canada alone, compiled from warranty registrations. (PDF format)

PLEASE NOTE: About 65% of our Systems are installed in the home setting.  That customer list is not available to the public.