The last time I had my piano tuned was......hmmmmmm often right. Let me think. I'm sure(ish) it was last year, no wait, maybe the year before. Whatever, it's no big deal, right?

Nothing is more important to the health and longevity of your piano than having it tuned regularly by a trained, skilled professional. Routine piano tuning is essential to caring for a piano. For more reasons than you might think, too. Of course, the obvious benefit is the piano will sound better after tuning. I can't tell you how many times my clients have expressed to me how much they love to play on a freshly tuned piano. But that really is only the beginning. A good piano tuner is constantly looking for (and finding) little problems or issues and correcting them, often without even mentioning it to you. Tightening a loose screw can stop that annoying clicking note. A bit of lubricant expertly placed will stop a pedal from squeaking. Tightening a hinge screw can stop a sympathetic buzz. Many of the minor repairs done routinely by technicians are things that if left undone, would become bigger problems down the road. In my personal 30+ years of servicing pianos, I have made thousands of minor repairs without a cent being charged. Not every problem is such a quick fix though. If your upright piano has 1/8" of lost motion (ask your technician what that is), the small charge for the time it will take to remedy the issue will be vastly outweighed by the improvement to the touch of your instrument.

I know we have all been on the receiving end of the quick lube oil change place pitch, where the techs find endless additional issues with your car that need immediate attention. I have personally been told that I needed new wiper blades, which came as a surprise because I had just replaced them myself the day before. The good news here is that piano technicians didn't go to the quickie-lube school of up selling. In fact, they could often be accused of the opposite. Piano technicians don't get into the tuning business to get rich. They do it because they love pianos. It's just that simple. For the most part, they would rather do something for free than overcharge for it.

So, the next time your technician suggests your piano might benefit from a couple of tweaks, view them as a lovable piano geek, take their advice, and see how wonderful they can truly help your piano be.

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