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My piano weighs a ton. It'll take 8 guys to move this thing! If I had a nickel for every time.........well, you know. Yes, pianos are heavy. And they're awkward to move. And they're delicate too. However, the news isn't all bad. 

Moving pianos is an art. Leave it to the artists. Please don't attempt to do it yourself. Professional piano movers have three things you don't: the right equipment, the know-how, and the experience. Believe me when I tell you that these things make all the difference. Many piano movers I have encountered in my 30 plus years in the piano care business are not what the stereotype would make you think them to be. They are not great big burly men with muscles on top of muscles. In fact they are often quite slight, and I have met more than a few women doing the job. Not to say that being big and burly is a disadvantage, but it certainly is not necessary. 

A  piano moving team is usually 2 people. Unless there are a lot of stairs involved, that is all that is needed. The knowledge of how to disassemble a grand piano and put it back together again is mandatory. The proper skids, dollies, pads, straps, and tools make the job surprisingly fast and easy. Pianos do weigh a lot, but not as much as many people think. The smallest uprights start at about the 400 lb. range. A Steinway concert grand is right about 1000 lb. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but most pianos fall in between those two numbers. A Mason & Hamlin concert grand breaks the rule at 1400 lb. or so. Don't drop that on your toe!

Even if you buy a piano privately, the best money you ever spend will be what you give the piano mover. Pianos are big and heavy and you and your friends can seriously injure yourselves very quickly. Not to mention the damage you could cause to your newly purchased instrument. Just like with anyone you hire, ask for some referrals and proof of insurance. That way if they do happen to damage something, you won't get stuck with a big bill. 

I was once called to do a repair estimate on a piano that had fallen out of the family's pickup onto the road at the first corner they came to. It wasn't pretty. They spent $4000 buying the piano and saved $120 by moving it themselves. All the way to the dump. 

Call the pros!

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