Power consumption

Portable "Room" EquipmentPiano Life Saver System
Electricity Used in 24 Hours5.280  kWh*
0.864 kWh 
(Grand System)
0.564 kWh
(Vertical System)
Noise Level and AppearanceNoisy, Intrusive, Unattractive, MessySilent, Discreet, Clean
Piano Owner Water ResponsibilityMust empty or fill reservoir at least once every day.Fill reservoir twice a month on average.
Monitoring of HumidityRequires daily monitoring with a HygrometerAutomatically monitors humidity
Mold Growth and Home Structural DamageIn cold weather, room humidifiers can drive moisture into walls, causing mold growth & structural damage.Will not cause mold growth or structural damage to your home.

*Portable Room Equipment usage based on manufacturer's published specifications.  We selected the most economical of the commonly used models to come up with this number.  Many were much higher.