Humidity Control System for a piano that is resoundingly enjoyable to play and listen to.

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Extreme or fluctuating humidity levels can have detrimental effects on your piano, ranging from inconsistent pitch to long term structural damage. The Piano Life Saver provides a consistent environment for your piano, prolonging tunings and the life of your piano. Most importantly, your piano will sound the way you expect, everytime you’re ready to play.

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Piano Life Saver is sold, serviced, and installed through trusted distributor partners and technicians to ensure every system meets our specifications


What Our Customers Say

Jim Birch, RPT

“My piano began its life at a local university as a part of a package of pianos I arranged for the university to buy. Two of the Sohmer upright pianos developed cracks in the sound boards, which Sohmer replaced. I purchased the two pianos and placed one in a private school with the stipulation a Piano Life Saver must be installed. That unit is still in service and has kept the piano free from any further damage. It is one of their best pianos to this day.”

Mason and Hamlin

“The Piano Life Saver System should be included in the pianist’s arsenal to combat damaging humidity extremes.”

Paul Pouwer, Power Sound

“It is very important, in a recording studio, to provide a piano that musicians feel at-home with. Since the Piano Life Saver was installed in our grand piano, the pitch remains stable, the sound stays wonderful, and the keyboard is consistently responsive to the musician’s touch.”

Bruce Genck, RPT

“As a professional piano technician for nearly 30 years, I’ve seen the damage and instability humidity fluctuations can cause. That’s why I highly recommend the Piano Life Saver System to all my clients. The benefits of this product will pay for itself several times over! It’s a great product, and a must for all pianos.”


“Baldwin recommends the Dampp-Chaser system as a valuable means to help insure the longevity and stability of our pianos.”

Bob Clough, Professional Pianist

“The Piano Life Saver keeps the unisons, octaves, and other intervals at their proper width is extremely important to me. The system also keeps the action playing at its best by controlling humidity changes. I wouldn’t be without one!”

Norbert Abel, Abel Hammer Company

“The Piano Life Saver System by Dampp-Chaser provides an effective method of maintaining humidity control in the piano, stabilizing tuning and playability of the action parts.”