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The Piano Life Saver is a piano humidity control system. It permits tunings to hold better and longer and prevents damage to piano parts from humidity changes in the environment. With the Piano Life Saver, you will enjoy improved tonal quality and greater keyboard control.

Read about the Benefits of a Piano Humidifier and a Piano Dehumidifier.

Piano tuners, technicians and major piano manufacturers recommend installing the Piano Life Saver System for care and maintenance of your piano’s internal parts, improved keyboard control, and enhanced pitch stability. The System keeps piano humidity levels consistent by activating the Dehumidifier during highly humid conditions, and when the environment gets too dry, the Humidifier replaces moisture inside the piano.

The System is truly a lifesaver for piano care & maintenance, tuning, and combating dry or humid conditions that cause costly damage to your piano. Protect your investment by having our piano climate control system installed out of sight, inside your piano. Professional installation is required for warranty coverage – please visit our Locate an Installer page for experienced installers in your area.

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