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The Grand Piano Humidity Control System

The Piano Life Saver System is silent and installed out-of-sight inside your piano. Each Piano Life Saver System carries a 5-Year Guarantee which can only be activated by having the System installed by a piano technician.

Grand Piano Installation


Dehumidifier: when humidity levels rise, it distributes moisture away from your piano using warm air currents.

Humidifier: moisturizes the dry wood of your piano when the humidity drops; a low water warning light indicates when the Humidifier needs additional water; refilling the Humidifier is simple and easy.

Watering Tube: allows you to provide water to the Humidifier when the yellow light on the 3-Light LED Panel indicates a need for water.

Humidistat: this is the brain of the System which senses whether the wooden parts of your piano are too moist or too dry and automatically switches the System to function as a Dehumidifier or Humidifier to protect your piano from damage caused by changes in humidity.

3-Light LED Panel: features a green light marked POWER to indicate the System has electrical power and a yellow light marked WATER which blinks when the Humidifier needs water. If the System includes the optional Smart Bracket on the Humidifier tank, the red light marked PADS will blink when the pads are no longer wicking water, indicating they should be replaced.

Grand Piano Humidity Control System

The Piano Life Saver System as seen from beneath a Grand Piano

Next Step: Locate a Qualified Installer.

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