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Storage Dehumidifier

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Dampp-Chaser Corporation maintains a Quality Management System consistent with ISO methods for best practices in total quality management

Gayle Mair
Gayle Mair

We base our company’s policies and decisions on core values dedicated to maintaining the fundamental principles of honesty, creativity, and community and diversity. Maintenance of these values supports our employees, who are the heart of the company.

Honesty: Be truthful, trust-worthy, and straightforward.  If awareness of certain truths will improve the company, communicate them honestly and directly to those who can directly empower a change.  Make your actions be in alignment with your intention.  Avoid mindless obedience and avoid listening to gossip, as these actions do not make use of truth.

Result: An environment of mutual trust and respect. Employees value one another’s integrity.

Creativity: Be willing to risk change. Think of ways to be and do better. Think outside of the box. Stretch beyond your current capacity.

Result: A growing company with an interesting, meaningful workplace.

Community and Diversity:  Encourage smiling and laughter. Use your gifts and skills to make a difference.  Build interpersonal relationships that can amplify our sense of purpose.  Our horizons may be broadened through working with people different from ourselves.

Result: Employees are inspired to reach for levels they might not otherwise obtain.

Mission Statement - To bring to market the highest quality products possible, both domestically and internationally; to generate sound growth for our shareholders, and opportunities and rewards for our employees; to provide a positive influence in communities in which we do business; to conduct business with minimal impact on the environment; and to respect all individuals with whom we have contact.

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